European Commission publishes our screening project for peptides to treat COVID-19 and bacterial infections

In a united spirit to COVID-19 response and to support the European recovery, the European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) and the Commission’s Research Directorate-General (RTD) have again put together their forces and acted as a team to acknowledge COVID-19 projects as a core area of interest for todays’ EU needs.

Various projects have already been selected outstanding projects to tackle the Corona virus and awarded a dedicated Covid-19 certificate.

Madam Therapeutics was one of the limited number of companies that was selected in this competition. The “Turn-The_Tide” project was published on the investment portal

The promoters of these projects have been invited to submit their project for publication on the EIPP to boost their visibility to investors.

The EIPP developed a special Covid-19 tag for these projects to reach out and attract more investors worldwide.

Madam Therapeutics is screening it’s peptide family for activity against the corona virus. We anticipate that this new project is matching the investors’ interests, and will develop into one of our new success stories!