Investing in the Future

Madam Therapeutics, together with her academic partners, has raised a significant amount of non-dilutive funding that resulted in the initial discovery of our SAAPs. Subsequently, we have raised dilutive funding according to the timelines below.

To fund the development of our precious pipeline of novel antibiotics, Madam Therapeutics continues to apply for non-dilutive grants and is actively looking for equity investments by for instance regional investment funds or private, corporate, and venture capital investors.

03. December 2020

Madam Therapeutics closes a seed funding round of € 300K. The investment came from the current investors and a network of other European business angels.

02. September 2020

Madam Therapeutics has initiated a Series A financing round with the intention to raise € 20M for the development of at least 1 SAAP to clinical stage 2 and 2 SAAPs to clinical stage 1. Madam Therapeutics has teamed up with Agio Capital, Ekoy Investment Partners and Pharmatide for this financing round.

01. August 2018

Madam Therapeutics closes her first equity investment (seed) funding round of € 1.1M. The investment came from a network of European business angels.

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